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    The influence factors of the spindle of the surface grinder

    2020-02-20 1262

      The spindle on the surface grinder is also a very important and vital part. If it can not work normally, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the grinder, so it is very important. So in general, what causes or elements will affect the normal operation of the grinding machine spindle? Next, in response to this question, the editor will give a detailed answer, so that you can learn to understand clearly.

      Large grinder processing

      The causes or elements that may cause the spindle of the surface grinder to fail to operate normally are as follows:

      Reason 1:

      The material of the spindle itself, its rigidity does not meet the requirements, and there is no quenching treatment in the manufacturing process, so that it has abnormal noise in the use process.

      Reason two:

      The front-end bearing of the main shaft is damped due to water inflow, so it is rusted or corroded, which seriously affects its dynamic balance, etc.

      Reason three:

      There are too many feeds for the spindle, which makes it sway, thus affecting its dynamic balance, etc.