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    Why CNC machining center machine is also called computer gong

    2020-02-20 1145

      Why CNC machining center machine is also called computer gong

      Computer gong is actually a kind of name for CNC milling machine in Hong Kong, which was introduced to the Pearl River Delta in mainland China. The computer gong is precisely the CNC milling machine, and the CNC milling machine is divided into two kinds with and without the tool library. The CNC machining center with the tool library is what we often call the CNC machining center. There is no unreasonable place to call the computer gong with the CNC machining center machine.

      CNC machining center is a kind of fully functional CNC machining machine tool, which is developed from CNC milling machine. The biggest difference between CNC machining center and ordinary CNC milling machine is that ordinary CNC milling machine does not have a tool library and active tool change equipment, while CNC machining center has a tool library and active tool change equipment, which has the ability of active AC machining tools.


      CNC machining center integrates the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting into one equipment, so that it has a variety of technological means. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine, in which different numbers of various tools or inspection tools are stored, and the program actively selects and replaces them in the process of machining. This is the primary difference between CNC milling machine and CNC boring machine. Especially for the workpieces that must choose the tooling and special equipment to ensure the product quality and efficiency. This will save a lot of time and cost for the development and transformation of new products, so that enterprises have strong competitiveness.

      CNC machining center has powerful functions and many uses. For example, CNC vmc650 machining center and vmc850 machining center. These two machining centers are typical CNC machining centers that process different workpieces. Vmc650 is a kind of compound Mini machining center machine with all functions of machining center and drilling and tapping center. It has good rigidity and stable precision, and is used in the processing of small hardware parts and products. Vmc850 machining center is a typical large stroke machining center machine. The strengthened structure makes the rigidity of the machine greatly improved. It is suitable for heavy-duty processing of ferrous metals, as well as machining of molds and other workpieces. It is a high cost-effective CNC machining center model.