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    Differences between gantry boring and milling machine and gantry milling machine

    2020-02-20 1136

      Differences between gantry boring and milling machine and gantry milling machine

      The structure and function of gantry boring and milling machine is different from that of gantry milling machine.

      1. The milling machine is composed of portal frame, bed table and electrical control system.

      The portal frame is composed of columns and top beams, with beams in the center. The crossbeam can move up and down along the two column guide rails. There are 1-2 milling heads with straight spindle on the crossbeam, which can move horizontally along the crossbeam guide rail. A milling head with a horizontal spindle can be respectively equipped on the two vertical columns, which can move up and down the column guide rail. These milling heads can process several surfaces at the same time. Each milling head has a separate motor (power Zui up to 150 kW), variable speed organization, control organization and spindle components.

      A movable working platform is set up on the horizontal long bed and covered with a shield. During machining, the workpiece equipment is on the worktable and makes longitudinal feeding motion accordingly.


      There are also some variants of the gantry milling machine to get used to different processing objects:

     ?、?Gantry boring and milling machine: the crossbeam is equipped with a milling and boring head, the spindle (sleeve or RAM) of which can make axial motor feed and has motion fine-tuning equipment, and the fine-tuning speed can be as low as 5mm / min. It can be used for boring and milling.

     ?、?Gantry drilling and milling machine: the cross beam is equipped with a power head, which can be used to complete drilling and milling operations by installing a drill or milling cutter through an extension rod.

      The machine bed of the gantry milling machine is equipped with an X-axis guide rail, and the operation platform of the gantry milling machine is fixed on the machine bed across. A gantry is set up for the movable crossing over the working platform, and the gantry also includes a gantry carriage which is clamped on the x-axis guide rail. The z-axis guide rail is installed on the gantry. The crossbeam is equipped with a Z-axis carriage, which is clamped on the z-axis guide rail after the z-axis carriage, and the crossbeam is also equipped with a Y-axis guide rail.

      Milling equipment, the gantry milling machine milling equipment is movably installed on the y-axis guide rail, so that the gantry under the control of the numerical control circuit control system can perform three-dimensional space milling processing of X, y and Z axes. The CNC gantry milling machine has high precision milling, drilling, boring, cutting and other operations.

      2. The gantry boring and milling machine has the functions of boring, drilling, milling, grooving and other processing functions; equipped with high-precision rotary table and right angle milling number one functional accessories, it can realize five side processing, and is an ideal equipment for processing large parts such as steam turbine, generator and heavy machinery in metallurgy, energy, power and other industries.

      Mainly applicable to:

      1. It is difficult for general machine tools to process or ensure the machining quality of parts because of its complex shape and high machining accuracy;

      2. In the process of machining, it is necessary to carry out multiple processes, such as milling, boring, dimpling or tapping in one clamping;

      3. Shell or box parts with difficult to measure, difficult to control feed and difficult to control cavity dimension.