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    Operation rules and safety protection of grinder

    2020-02-20 1459

      With the development of society and technology, the development of the mechanical industry is increasing day by day, the mechanical products are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the need for frequent changes, especially in the field of aerospace, shipbuilding, military and other mechanical parts, high precision requirements, complex shape, small batch. Titanium Hao machinery is the company's main products, which are rotary center, lead screw, shaft processing, CNC lathe processing, tool shank, cutter bar, collet extension bar. Such products need to be frequently modified or adjusted equipment. Ordinary machine tools or high degree of specialization automation machine tools can not meet these requirements. In order to solve these problems, machining center came into being.

      People who know about the machinery industry know that the whole system of the CNC center is controlled by the CNC system. When the machine tool executes the processing program, it is generally not allowed to terminate at will. If there are some problems, such as tool wear and excessive machining allowance, it is not like ordinary processing equipment that can stop and adjust at will. Therefore, the machining tools it uses are more strict than ordinary machining equipment. Here is a brief introduction to the common problems and solutions of CNC parts machining:

      1、 The processing plane is not smooth

      In the machining of CNC milling machine parts (Shenzhen CNC parts), the finishing of the surface is an important process, which is often done. For the surface, the purpose is to ensure that the operators use the equipment correctly, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the safe and normal production.

      2、 Scope of application: applicable to the operation of grinding machine tools.

      3、 Responsibilities:

      1. It is necessary for operators to comply with the rules and requirements of this document.

      2. It is necessary for operators to be trained and qualified to understand the operation principle of the equipment.

      3. Some persons in charge supervise the implementation of this document.

      4、 Job content:

      1. Before running the grinder, check whether the grinding wheel is intact and firm before opening the main motor.

      2. Before grinding, the oil pump shall be opened to make the moving parts smooth and outstanding before being put into use.

      3. It is forbidden to place the items irrelevant to the processing workpiece on the worktable.

      4. When replacing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to check whether the new grinding wheel is damaged or not. After replacing the grinding wheel, it should be idle for 3-5 minutes before it can be put into use.

      5. Prevent any part of the body from contacting the grinding wheel during the rolling process of the grinding wheel.

      6. Before operation, the magnetic table shall be kept clean. When grinding the workpiece with small contact surface, block shall be used for blocking. When grinding the ultra-high workpiece, block not less than 2 / 3 of the workpiece height shall be used for blocking.

      7. Before processing, it is necessary to recognize the adsorption force of the workpiece, so as to prevent the workpiece from flying out during the grinding.

      8. Check the water level in the cooling box every day, and make up for the lack immediately.

      9. It is forbidden to operate the machine tool by personnel other than this process. Apprentices shall be trained and qualified before operation under the guidance of special personnel.

      10. The water in the cooling box shall be regularly cleaned and replaced

      11. It is forbidden to process in the unmanned state.

      12. After the daily processing, the machine tool shall be cleaned and the main power supply shall be closed before it can be separated.

      Jiangmen large grinder processing

      Safety protection of grinder

      Grinding is widely used, which is one of the primary methods for fine machining of machine parts. However, because of the high speed of grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is hard, brittle and can not withstand heavy impact. Occasionally, improper operation will lead to serious results. Therefore, the safety technology operation of grinding is particularly important. It is necessary to adopt reliable safety protection equipment and concentrate on operation to ensure that there is no risk. In addition, the fine sand chips and metal chips splashed on the grinding wheel will damage the eyes of workers. If workers inhale such dust in large quantities, it will be harmful to their health, and appropriate protective measures should also be taken. The following safety technical problems should be paid attention to during grinding.

      Before start-up, carefully check the machine tool, including the operation organization, electrical equipment, magnetic chuck and other fixtures. After checking, it can be tested after being smooth and smooth, and it can only be used after all outstanding are recognized.

      When the workpiece is clamped, attention shall be paid to the alignment and clamping. In the process of grinding, the workpiece will fly out and hurt people or smash the grinding wheel. At the beginning of the operation, the manual adjustment method shall be used to make the grinding wheel slowly close to the workpiece, and the initial feeding amount shall be small. Excessive force is not allowed to avoid hitting the grinding wheel. When it is necessary to use the iron block to control the reciprocating motion of the work table, it is necessary to adjust accurately according to the grinding length of the workpiece, and tighten the iron block firmly.

      When replacing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to check the appearance first, and then knock it with a wooden hammer or mallet to ensure that the sound is loud and there is no crack. When installing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to install it according to the regular methods and requirements. After the static balance commissioning, the device can be used only after the commissioning and all are normal.

      Workers shall wear protective glasses during operation, and conduct grinding wheel trimming in a balanced manner to avoid collision. Measure the workpiece, adjust or scrub the machine tool after shutdown. When using the magnetic suction cup, the disk surface and the workpiece shall be wiped clean, tightened and firmly sucked. If necessary, the iron block can be added to prevent the workpiece from shifting or flying out. Pay attention to the installation of the protective cover of the grinding wheel or the baffle of the machine tool, and the side of the stand shall be over the front of the high-speed rotating grinding wheel