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    What kind of maintenance does the large grinder need

    2020-02-20 1467

      Grinder (grinding machine) is a kind of equipment that uses some related grinding tools to grind the surface of workpiece. At present, most of the grinding machines on the market are grinded by using the ultra-high speed rotating grinding wheel. As long as a very small number of grinding tools are used, such as oilstone, abrasive belt and other kinds of grinding tools, or free abrasive, such as ultra precision machining machine, honing machine, grinder, abrasive belt grinder and polishing machine.

      Characteristic requirement

      According to the movement characteristics and different process requirements of different grinding machines, there are different requirements for electric drive and control as follows: 1. Due to the reasons of the grinding machine itself, the grinding wheel generally does not require speed regulation, only needs a three-phase asynchronous motor to drive, and the rotation direction is relatively single. When the required capacity is large, the Y-triangle depressurization method can also be used. 2. In order to ensure the machining accuracy, it is necessary to make its operation as stable as possible and ensure that the inertia of the worktable is small without impact when it is in the reciprocating reversing motion. Therefore, the hydraulic transmission method is often used to realize the reciprocating motion of the worktable and the transverse feed of the grinding wheel box.

      Daily maintenance

      Generally, the grinder needs to be equipped with special personnel to be responsible for maintenance and repair, together with regular maintenance of the grinder to ensure that the machine is in excellent operation.

      1. When the operation of the machine tool is finished, all parts of the machine, especially the sliding parts, should be cleaned and oiled for protection and maintenance. 2. Clean up the grinding scraps of all parts of the grinder frequently. 3. Antirust oil shall be applied to the important joint parts of the machine tool. Precautions for maintenance after using the grinder: 1. Before grinding, check the balance of the grinding wheel. 2. The principle of selecting grinding wheel during operation shall be that the most suitable grinding wheel shall be selected with different workpiece materials and hardness. 3. A thin oil film shall be applied to the spindle end and the grinding wheel flange of the grinder to prevent the occurrence of rust. 4. Pay attention to the rotation direction of the main shaft. 5. It is forbidden to use air gun and air gun to clean workpieces and machines.

      6. Before operation, check whether the oil passage of oil window of grinder is smooth. 7. Clean the vacuum box and filter steel once a week. 8. If the suction of the grinder is too weak, check the dust pipe for clogging. 9. The dust collection pipe should be cleaned frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause burning when there is too much dust.

      Maintenance of suction cup of grinder

      The permanent magnetic casting suction cup or the disk surface of the electromagnetic suction cup is the root of whether the grinding accuracy of the workpiece can reach the required level. It should be frequently protected and maintained. If the accuracy of the working object is unqualified or the disk surface is damaged, the disk surface needs to be grinded again, and the accuracy of the disk surface has been required to meet the requirements, so as to ensure the grinding accuracy of the workpiece.

      Maintenance of smooth system of grinding machine

      The smooth oil of the new grinding machine should be replaced once a month after use, and the replacement frequency is 3-6 months. There is an oil drain plug under the oil tank, which can be used reasonably. When changing oil together, pay attention to cleaning the inside of the tank and the filter at the same time.