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    Problems caused by improper CNC processing

    2020-02-20 1398

      Using CNC processing equipment for processing, the power is high and the quality is good, but if the process design arrangement is improper, it can not well show its advantages. From the experience of some CNC processing plants, there are some problems as follows:

      1. The CNC process is too lax

      The reason for this problem lies in the fear of complexity (referring to the preparation time), the simplicity of programming, the simplification of operation and processing, the easy adjustment of tool setting by using a knife, and the habit of ordinary processing. In this way, the product quality (orientation public service) is not easy to ensure, and the production power can not be played well. Therefore, CNC machining technicians and operators should have a comprehensive understanding of CNC machining common sense, try more to grasp the relevant common sense, and try to use the method of process concentration as much as possible, which will naturally show its advantages. After the process is centralized, the unit processing time increases. We have placed two equipment face-to-face and completed the operation of two equipment by one person. The power has been greatly improved and the quality has been well ensured.


      2. CNC processing sequence is unreasonable

      Some CNC machining operators often arrange the machining sequence in a very unreasonable way considering some problems in preparation. NC machining is usually carried out according to the requirements of general machining process, such as first coarse and then fine (tool change), first inside and then outside, reasonable selection of cutting parameters, etc., so that the quality and power can be improved.

      Careful use of G00 (g26, G27, g29) fast positioning instructions has brought great convenience to programming and application. However, if it is not set and used properly, it will often cause adverse consequences such as overshoot when returning to zero due to excessive speed setting, accuracy reduction, and equipment guide rail surface pull. It is easy to collide with the workpiece and equipment due to careless return to zero. Therefore, when considering the application of G00 instruction, it should be considered comprehensively and not at will.

      In NC machining, we should pay more attention to the retrieval and trial operation of the program. After the program is input into the control system, the operator shall use the SCH key and ↑, ↓, ←, → mobile key to conduct unconfirmed and confirmed searches, and modify the program if necessary to ensure the accuracy of the program. At the same time, before the formal implementation of the program processing, it is necessary to test run the program (turn over the power amplifier) to confirm whether the processing road is common with the design road.

      The above are some common problems and solutions when using CNC processing equipment. There may be some other problems in the practical work, but as long as the CNC processing engineering technicians and operators gather their ideas and grasp the common sense and skills related to numerical control carefully, the numerical control equipment can play the maximum benefit for the enterprise.